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The 1st Online Congress on Future Innovations for Embryologists
(free registration)


Saturday, June 13, 2020
11:00am - 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time  

Preliminary Program:

Session 1: The role of the embryo
  • How to make a good embryo: Culture media and beyond
  • Noninvasive embryo selection by metabolic imaging
  • It's time for Time Lapse
  • Prediction of gamete competence by image analysis and AI
  • Where and when to transfer the best embryo?

Session 2: The IVF Lab
  • Is the sperm important or just a pretty cell?
  • Automated diagnostic assays for point-of-care semen analysis
  • Noninvasive PGT
  • Errors in the IVF laboratory
  • Operating an IVF lab under crisis conditions

Session 3: How can we improve embryo growth condition
  • What wrong with an old egg and how to improve it?
  • Gene editing of human embryos
  • Extended in vitro culture of human embryos

Session 4: The future in the IVF lab
  • The future or demise of In Vitro Maturation
  • The future of gamete and embryo freezing
  • Automation of the IVF laboratory: lessons from the past

Session 5: The clinician perspective
  • How the doctor can impact gamete and embryo quality? Choosing the right stimulation strategies

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